Don Kilam University has been sold in a Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Stock Options

Founded in 2017, DonKilam.Com went from nothing to more than $3.3 Million Dollars in annual revenue in its third year, according to its founder Jeffery McBride.

In less than four years he was doing nearly $5 Million Dollars worth of business every year, across Europe and the US. Accrediting Covid -19 pandemic for his business boom.

“This is when the business got too big. Finding people who could help manage emails and calls and being able to train them correctly with this type of private sacred knowledge  “It was going to need somebody with a lot more leaders and funding,” he says.

“If a customer emails on the weekend, you are supposed to answer. I was dealing with numerous new students, thousands of emails and phone calls from the public. There is never really a break.” On top of traveling, seminars, private meetings, flights, hotels, no time for anything!

He started to receive offers for his business in 2021. At first he thought they were rival sellers, digging for private information.

So at the end of 2022, when an offer came along to buy the entire platform with a stock option and keeping all royalties to the Amazon Book Catalog  – he accepted.

The buyer, a private individual trustee , insists that we don’t name them or their entity, for fear of attracting competitors.

Eventually, however, Mr. McBride sold to Crayhill Capital, partly, he says, because they took the trouble to actually visit him at a private Las Vegas residence.

Crayhill Capital Management, a fund based out of New York, is providing the funding for this acquisition  with a private trust company.