Pair of brothers helps Ukrainian children’s hospital

The Austrians Roland and Josef Leutgeb donated disinfectants and protective masks worth almost 22,000 euros to a children’s hospital in eastern Ukraine. Employees of the International Relief Organization transported the goods, which have now been handed over to the children’s hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The two brothers operate a protective mask production in Austria with their company Hermetex GmbH, from which the Hermetex disinfectant also originates. “Especially in the case of humanitarian disasters, such as we are currently experiencing in Ukraine, which is only a few hundred kilometers away, we wanted to make a contribution and help improve the situation. Since we also have close business connections in Ukraine and also operate an external warehouse there, we have a special connection to the current situation there; I can tell you that especially the smallest children are suffering particularly from the war. That’s why we wanted to give a little support in exactly this area,” says entrepreneur and managing director Josef Leutgeb. The “Made in Austria” donated high-quality protective masks, thousands of liters of disinfectant and disinfecting gel add up to a calculated value of 21,858 euros.

Hospitals are overcrowded

“In the children’s hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk there are 400 beds, all of them are occupied several times. Now that there are fewer and fewer functioning children’s hospitals in Ukraine, this hospital is overcrowded. The hospital staff is grateful for any support,” informs the brother couple, “the responsible local staff was very grateful for the items that have been missing for a long time, so that the necessary hygiene can be maintained.” Roland Leutgeb concludes: “Special thanks go to the International Relief Agency for the great handling and the uncomplicated and direct delivery to the crisis region.”