Rapper Benjiboykon’s Last-Minute Heroics: Delivers Batmobile to Diddy’s Halloween Bash

City, State, November 7, 2023 – Benjiboykon, via his exotic car transport company Benji Auto Transport, did a stellar Halloween service for rap mogul Diddy. The legendary rap star, alternately known as Puff Daddy and P. Diddy throughout his career, hired rapper Benjiboykon’s company to deliver the Batmobile to California. While it was a success, Benji Auto Transport faced several obstacles that made the experience memorable.

While still absorbing the positive feedback of his latest song Single, Benjiboykon continued to maintain a balance between his music and his business ventures. His attentiveness to his operation, Benji Auto Transport, is what led to him landing a major last-minute request from Diddy. Since receiving a warning for his costume as Joker last year, Diddy decided to go even bigger and do Batman this year, but he couldn’t do it without the Batmobile.

“I was contacted unexpectedly at the last minute on October 26th. To my surprise, I was told that Diddy wanted me to pick up the Batmobile and deliver it to him in California,” shared Benjiboykon. While this was something the budding rapper was excited about, he was soon faced with a major challenge. “I took the job offer and at the last minute a few friends backed out on me,” he continued.

Benjiboykon’s colleagues weren’t able to go along with him because the journey was too long. Committed to delivering the Batmobile for Diddy, Benjiboykon took to his Instagram Story to find assistance. “As the time passed by, I couldn’t reach anyone because the order was last-minute. Thankfully, In the final hour, when I was just about to cancel, a friend of mine liked my post. I immediately called him and asked if he was willing to travel with me. He agreed to come along, and we got it done!”

The young rapper quickly picked up his colleague and got going because the vehicle needed to be delivered by the 28th and they had a few stops to make. They collected the Batmobile the following day and drove to Los Angeles.

To Diddy’s surprise and much appreciation, Benjiboykon via Benji Auto Transport, delivered the Batmobile on time. They arrived with the vehicle while Diddy was filming a trailer for his Batman Halloween plans. “They were shocked that I got it there so fast,” shared the Chicago rapper.

This is a significant achievement for both Benjiboykon and Benji Auto Transport. They are still celebrating the opportunity and soaking in the lessons learned from Diddy.  

“They booked me a hotel for four nights and on Halloween, we shut the city down. It felt like a dream come true to kick it with one of the hottest artists in the game. A legend! After the Halloween party, we went back to his house and attended his after party. It was a great experience and very motivational,” shared an inspired Benjiboykon.

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