Sayò Releases New Afrobeats Track ‘Zombie’

Music critics and fans worldwide have their hearts and ears set on a new season of high energy tracks and long awaited musical releases. Sayo Popoola, a.k.a. Sayò, the British-Nigerian songstress is bestowing upon us a single that will act as the soundtrack to the next months of your life and beyond! The London based star sat down with Jayyiah Coles and discussed the meaning of her new track ‘Zombie’. 

Jayyiah Coles X Sayò

Jayyiah: Sayò, here we are yet again, with a new and exciting release! I have to dive head first into this. I’ve heard the song and I am taken aback by how sultry and sexy of a vibe it is! Let’s talk about ‘Zombie’.

Sayò: Thank you so much. I really love this record too! It’s one of my new favorites. What I love most about it is the beat and the chorus! The beat makes me want to dance but at the same time, it makes me want to just chill and vibe out.

Jayyiah: Let’s decode this track, starting with its title, what does the term “Zombie” mean?

Sayò: Well the phrase “Zombie” is a metaphor for ‘forbidden love’.

Jayyiah: It’s funny how the many things that are considered taboo, or forbidden are always so tempting to touch!

Sayò: I agree. (laughs) Well this song details a couple who wants so badly to be together, however, they are fighting to make it work because the odds are stacked against them. Now, the thing about the nature of this song is, there are many ways it can be interpreted: interracially, interreligiously, or culturally.

This is of course, due to the sad reality that many times a couple cannot be together because of their cultural differences or simply because their parents forbid their love for whatever reason.

Jayyiah: That’s the thing that makes this track so relatable. I feel as though many people from all walks of life can relate to this song. If not a personal experience, then definitely someone close to home has undergone a ‘Zombie’ situation.

What was the inspiration behind this track? Have you ever experienced taboo Love?

Sayò: I personally have never experienced ‘Zombie’ love. I actually got the inspiration to write this song from my love of fiction. ‘Zombie’ is a term that is referenced often in fiction films and books. 

Jayyiah: What would be your advice to those who are in taboo love circumstances?

Sayò: My advice would be for them to listen to my song (laughs). No seriously, I would tell them to follow their heart and trust that love will win!

Sayò poured out the best of her, beautifully on this track! As aforementioned, from my perspective, this track is categorized as ‘sexy’, because of how mesmerizing Sayò’s voice is. Any fan of hers would be able to detect the growth in her sound on ‘Zombie’. The production paired with her singing makes this a track you can either whine your body to, or grab a partner to slow dance with. Either way you set the mood, this release is one for the books!

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