Istanbul (Turkey)

Cashing In Grandma’s Gold Coins, a Turkish Family Struggles to Get By

ISTANBUL — The list of things that Bilal, a Turkish factory worker, and his family have had to give up is growing longer by the day. They stopped buying meat a year ago and recently had to cut back on using their gas heater and cooking oil, and on snacks for the children. He and […]

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Many Turks Can’t Afford Bread, and Bakers Can’t Afford to Make It

ISTANBUL — A line of glum-faced people wrapped up against the rain stood along the street outside a government bread bank in a suburb of Istanbul. “People cannot manage,” said Sengul Essen, 57. “I worked 21 years as a cleaner at the university and now I am waiting in a bread queue.” Turks are grappling […]

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