Lady Gaga

Who Will Be Nominated for the Oscars? Here Are Our Projections.

Ask me about the best-actress race in an hour, and I might have an entirely different lineup for you. I feel fairly bullish on Kidman, Colman and Gaga, but there are so many feasible contenders vying for those last two spots that I keep tearing up my projections and starting anew. Hudson and Jessica Chastain […]

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‘House of Gucci’ Review: Murder, Italian-Style

The kindest thing I can say about “House of Gucci” — and also the cruelest — is that it should have been an Italian movie. Set mostly in Milan, it spins out a sprawling, chaotic, borderline-operatic tale of family feuding, sexual jealousy and capitalist intrigue, with plenty of drinks, cigarettes and snacks (the carpaccio comes […]

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