The Joe Rogan Experience (Radio Program)

Spotify’s Joe Rogan Deal Is Said to Be Worth Over $200 Million

Signs of a Cultural Divide Management of the crisis in the United States may have been further complicated because Spotify’s headquarters is nearly 4,000 miles away, in Sweden, where Mr. Ek, a publicity-shy executive who grew up in a suburb of Stockholm, and many of the company’s engineers and longest-tenured employees are based. Free expression […]

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Joe Rogan Apologizes for ‘Shameful’ Past Use of Racial Slur

As pressure has intensified on Spotify and its star podcaster Joe Rogan, listeners reported that the company had quietly removed dozens of episodes of his show, while Rogan apologized early Saturday for his use of a racial slur in past episodes. In an Instagram video, Rogan — whose talk show, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” is […]

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