Track and Field

Sydney McLaughlin Broke Her Own World Record. Again.

There was a time, not so long ago, when Sydney McLaughlin was challenged whenever she planted herself in the starting blocks for the 400-meter hurdles. She knew she would face stiff competition from the likes of Dalilah Muhammad, a graceful runner with an impressive list of achievements. For the past couple of years, however, McLaughlin […]

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Alberto Salazar Was Barred for Life for Alleged Sexual Assault

The famed running coach Alberto Salazar, who helped top Americans be more competitive in track and field before he was suspended for doping violations, was barred from the sport for life last month after an arbitrator found that he more likely than not had sexually assaulted an athlete on two different occasions, according to a […]

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18 Sports Highlights From 2021 Worth Watching Again

The sports world is entering another period of uncertainty, with a surge in coronavirus cases, more game postponements and questions about the Beijing Olympics. But 2021 was also a great year in sports. There were challenges and disruptions, but there were also plenty of memorable moments. Take a minute or two and scroll through this […]

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