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N.C.A.A. Tournament Peek: Gonzaga Remains the Favorite, but the Blue Bloods are Back

The N.F.L. and college football have crowned their champions, with the Los Angeles Rams and the University of Georgia winning titles. The Winter Olympics are in the rearview mirror. And the start of the Major League Baseball season is in flux because of a lockout. But the men’s college basketball season is just heating up, […]

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Dr. Ronald Weinstein, Telepathology Pioneer, Dies at 83

Dr. Weinstein finished his medical education at Tufts University in 1965 and completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, which at the time was experimenting with an early telemedicine program linking it by television camera to a clinic at Logan Airport in Boston. He was asked to look in on a few cases, and “that […]

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The Field Is Crowded, but Mostly Behind South Carolina

Conferences are scrambling to update protocols to reflect the new variant. Most, including every Power 5 conference, have rescinded recent rules that had deemed any cancellation because of coronavirus protocol to be a forfeiture by the exposed team. What remains to be seen is whether the N.C.A.A. will amend its 25-game requirement for tournament eligibility […]

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