A Marker Honoring Jackie Robinson Was Defaced. M.L.B. Helped Replace It.

Later, he added: “The association of guns and violence against African Americans in this country is one of the things that’s been going on for a long time. And so the fact that they shot these markers using guns was a signal that was being sent in some way.” (The Grady County Sheriff’s Office didn’t […]

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A Spanish Mystery: Is a ‘Masked Restorer’ to Blame for a Church’s Botched Repair?

CASTRONUÑO, Spain — The Romanesque church that sits above the river in the Spanish village of Castronuño used to look like many others that dot the land: not too decrepit for a 750-year-old, but not particularly well-kept either. Then in November, Mayor Enrique Seoane noticed something that gave him a shock and caused a scandal […]

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