Families of Veterans Who Died of Covid Win $53 Million Legal Settlement

It was among the country’s deadliest coronavirus outbreaks: One in every three residents of a New Jersey nursing home for frail military veterans died as the virus raced unchecked through the state-run facility. The 101 residents who died in the first eight months of the pandemic included both of Regina Costantino Discenza’s parents, who had […]

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Ian Fishback’s Death Highlights Veteran Mental Illness Crisis

In July 2019, Major Fishback informed Mr. Garlasco in an email that the C.I.A. was after him, he recalled. “I was like, dude, call me.” Major Fishback was in Europe with a new position. “He said, ‘I am going to give classified information to foreign governments if you don’t get the C.I.A. off my back.’ […]

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