Effort to Rescue a 5-Year-Old Transfixes Morocco, Only to End Sadly

CAIRO — The vigil had lasted for four days, transfixing tens of thousands of people around the world who watched, tweeted, cheered and prayed as a small band of rescuers in a tiny Moroccan village tried to free a 5-year-old boy from the deep well into which he had plunged. #SaveRayan, they pleaded. On Saturday […]

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India’s Modi Brings Tap Water to Millions as Supplies Shrink

IMLIDOL, India — The pipes are laid, the taps installed and the village tank is under construction — all promising signs that, come spring, Girja Ahriwar will get water at her doorstep and finally shed a lifelong burden. “I go out and put the jerrycans in the queue at around 5 a.m. and wait there […]

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