Soaring Overdose Rates in the Pandemic Reflected Widening Racial Disparities

The pandemic’s devastating impact on drug overdose deaths in the United States hit people of color the hardest, with rates among young Black people rising the most sharply, according to a federal report that was released on Tuesday and that analyzed overdose data by race, age and income. Overall, overdose deaths jumped 30 percent from […]

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Trump Rally Fact-Check: Covid-19 and Election Falsehoods

WASHINGTON — During a rally in Arizona on Saturday, former President Donald J. Trump repeated his lie that the 2020 election was stolen and made other false claims about the pandemic and the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 last year. Here’s a fact check. What Mr. Trump Said “The left is now rationing […]

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Minneapolis’ School Plan Asks White Families to Help Integrate

But Ms. Jackson couldn’t help but ask: Why now? To her, some changes, like the planned renovation, signaled gentrification. Even as North High opened up to white families, some Black families, like hers, were reassigned to a different school, though North’s low enrollment meant that, for now, they could apply to stay. “I feel like […]

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