The Making of a Media Mogul a documentary features Multi-Media Mogul Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren

From a Self Made Millionaire entrepreneur to Professional Male Model, actor,
multiple award nominated film director, fm radio personality, executive
producer, business owner and the lists of Horse ‘ El Caballo ‘ Wren’s
accomplishments are seemingly limitless. Hence the moniker ” Mr. Limitless “
fits this ambitious young man to a tee. He is the Founder Father of Street
Fame, since 2007 with his first college phenominal successful music
documentary aptly titled: ” The Street Fame Project ” and then followed with a
printed publishing magazine called Street Fame Magazine STREETFAME.INFO.
His brands just continued to grow into other company ventures. For instance,
he started an advertising agency called Street Famous marketing agency or
SFM for short. His club/ restaurant The H.O.H (House Of Horse) which catered
to celebrity performances and local music talents of all music genres. He made
his fortune the good ole fashion way. From hard work and selling magazines,
local artists collaboration mixtapes, and his executive produced DVD series
called (Grind & Street Fame Live). It featured thousands of celebrity in person
interviews and live performances.Now, as we see Horse has released a very
successful and mega star studded music documentary titled:
2AMBITIOUS.COM the music industry docu-film stars Rick Ross, Gucci Mane,
and many other Major label stars & label executives detailing the business side
of music. His own documentary will showcase footage of how he himself got
started in these entertainment industries. From motivation to activation. The
Making Of A Media Mogul a documentary will chronicle the many ambitions
and multiple business deal signings of one Horse ‘ El Caballo ‘ Wren.