Blah, Blah, Blah…

Contributing writer Efren Arcos Jr.

Meet BlahGigi, a businesswoman, a social media influencer, and successful OnlyFans content creator. BlahGigi is also a star, and a mogul in the making.

“I don’t like having someone tell me what to do,” says BlahGigi about her past as part of the 9-5 grind. “I was getting paid a wage and it wasn’t equaling out to the work that I was doing, because I was definitely doing more work than I was getting paid for.”

At just 28 years young, BlahGigi has already built a huge OnlyFans subscriber base, where she controls her hours, workload and, most importantly, image. “Once you become your own boss, it just feels different.

Raised in Connecticut, BlahGigi admits to being a “avid weed smoker” in high school. She often skipped class to smoke weed. She was never “popular,” but she was the only Gigi in her high school…. “Gigi with the big booty id wat they called me.” These Days BlahGigi is a household name to thousands of OnlyFans Subscribers.

Check out more of BlahGigi at Instagram @Officiallyblahgigi