Manfred, Robert D

MLB Lockout Created Opportunties for Doping

In a sport where a fraction of an inch can be the difference between safe and out, or ball and strike, and where big money is paid to those who prosper, an opportunity to gain an advantage without detection could be too hard to forgo. The M.L.B. Lockout Comes to an End “Sports has learned […]

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A Question of Brinkmanship as M.L.B. Nears Deadline

Now, more than two months into a self-imposed lockout, we will learn how seriously Major League Baseball values opening day. It is scheduled for March 31, but that depends on the owners and the players’ reaching a collective bargaining agreement in time for a hurry-up spring training. How hurried? Four weeks instead of the usual […]

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With No Deadline Deal, M.L.B.’s Lockout Begins

M.L.B. has said it also wants to improve the competitive balance among teams but has proposed different ways to accomplish that than the union. Among its proposals, some of which have been rejected by the union: an N.B.A.-style lottery format for the first three picks in the draft that could help prevent so-called tanking, a […]

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