Voting Rights Act (1965)

Court Throws Out Alabama’s New Congressional Map

Alabama’s secretary of state, John H. Merrill, declined to comment on the ruling. Adam Kincaid, the executive director of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, the party’s main mapmaking organization, said the map was based on one that was cleared in 2011 by President Obama’s Justice Department, then led by Mr. Holder, and comports with the […]

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Senate Democrats Press Ahead With Debate on Voting Rights Bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats plan to press ahead this week with an effort to push new voting rights protections through Congress, in an all but doomed attempt to enact a key piece of President Biden’s agenda that has been undercut by members of his own party. The Senate on Tuesday will begin to debate legislation […]

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Voting Rights Tracker: What to Know About the U.S. Elections Fight

The current battle over voting rights — who gets to vote, how votes are cast and counted, who oversees the process — has turned what was once the humdrum machine room of United States democracy into a central partisan battlefield with enormous stakes for the future of American democracy. Since the 2020 election, and spurred […]

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