Voting Rights, Registration and Requirements

Senate Democrats Press Ahead With Debate on Voting Rights Bill

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats plan to press ahead this week with an effort to push new voting rights protections through Congress, in an all but doomed attempt to enact a key piece of President Biden’s agenda that has been undercut by members of his own party. The Senate on Tuesday will begin to debate legislation […]

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Left and Center-Left Both Claim Stacey Abrams. Who’s Right?

To left-leaning Democrats, Stacey Abrams, who is making her second run for Georgia governor, is a superstar: a nationally recognized voting-rights champion, a symbol of her state’s changing demographics, and a political visionary who registered and mobilized tens of thousands of new voters — the kind of grass-roots organizing that progressives have long preached. “I […]

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Voting Rights Tracker: What to Know About the U.S. Elections Fight

The current battle over voting rights — who gets to vote, how votes are cast and counted, who oversees the process — has turned what was once the humdrum machine room of United States democracy into a central partisan battlefield with enormous stakes for the future of American democracy. Since the 2020 election, and spurred […]

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