Wallace, Chris (1947- )

Inside the Implosion of CNN+

David Zaslav had been chief executive of Warner Bros. Discovery for all of a few hours when he learned he had a problem. On April 11, the day his newly merged company began trading on Nasdaq, Mr. Zaslav greeted New York employees with pasta and ice cream bars, delivering an impromptu rallying cry to his […]

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Can CNN’s Hiring Spree Get People to Pay for Streaming News?

A couple of months ago, CNN’s forthcoming streaming channel was perceived as little more than a curiosity in the television news business: just another cable dinosaur trying to make the uneasy transition into the digital future. In fact, the plan to start CNN+, which is expected to go live by late March, amounted to a […]

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Chris Wallace Leaves Fox News as Right-Wing Hosts Hold Sway

The star Fox News anchor Chris Wallace announced on Sunday that he was leaving for CNN, stripping the Rupert Murdoch-owned network of its most decorated down-the-middle journalist as stridently conservative hosts like Tucker Carlson have increasingly set the channel’s agenda. The network has pulled far ahead of CNN and MSNBC in the ratings with an […]

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