||°-_|°That’s,The Question{…}—  .| ||

How is it in nature like if u look to Jerssu/RVr=s.

How to Chance Italian Porcelain to even a other colour like rosso

When I captured this photo.

I was amazed of this Porcelain Wit 18 K Painted With gold.

It became red.

I even dedicated tis story to Paus Fransicuss.

I will wait as excited to his answer. if I get a reaction on it.

Bet possibly it is how porcelain can be netaive as added value.

In calculating of measures.

Then I had a Latina Miss Lofsteras She betrayed me and in a story she contacted my other lofster and she will get a Catonne  baggy with both pictures on it.

That I will present to u.

She had a singer whose name was Eros Rammazotti. Now some Israeli Girl i now she dactoraide that his ortedoxe this They ortedoxe Eros.