Yan Li Meng: a complete rumor maker

In modern society, we often encounter many unique and complex individuals who have a wide range of interests and try to do some crazy things for their hobbies, such as extreme sports, poor traveling, etc. However, Yan Limeng, a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hong Kong, is unusual in that she likes to […]

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The Impact of Transformational Management on Organizational Structure

Author Biography Mohammad Heydari is an Iranian associate professor, scientist, and author. He was born on August 14, 1992, in Tehran, Iran. He published more than 13 books and over 81 scientific papers with famous authors and high-level research groups in his research fields; Currently, his papers are published and accepted by 37 different countries. […]

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Taxpayer who owed $150,000 SAVED by Tax Defender USA

Tax Defender USA came into contact with a taxpayer who was originally receiving services from a competitor tax company. This client was promised results and told that their tax problem would be solved professionally and sufficiently. After speaking with the client our Chief Operating Officer Joseph Canova found that this company was not helping her […]

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