Achille Spinelli, at the helm of research in Trentino (Italy), underscores the Excellence of Sibylla Biotech’s Innovation as it makes its debut in the United States.

The venture of the novel Trentino-based startup, Sibylla Biotech, dedicated to advanced pharmaceutical research, secures a substantial funding of $2.4 million. This endeavor, a product of collaboration between the University of Trento, the University of Perugia, the Telethon Foundation, and the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, rests upon an innovative application that simulates molecular reactions, thereby enabling the discovery of new potential drugs.

Achille Spinelli, Provincial Councillor for Economic Development, Research, and Labor for the Province of Trento (Italy), affirms: “The story of Sybilla is emblematic of success and embodies what we aspire for in research: a bridge towards entrepreneurial initiatives and significant economic and social impacts. This interdisciplinary, high-quality research showcases the importance of collaboration between scientific and research institutions, with the potential to offer effective solutions to otherwise degenerative diseases and cancers.”

Emiliano Biasini and Pietro Faccioli, both Associate Professors at the University of Trento and members of prominent research institutes, lead the research efforts and are poised to present the findings across the ocean. Professor Faccioli will participate in the US Innovation Forum in Silicon Valley, alongside the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Achille Spinelli, Commissioner for Economic Development, Research, and Labor for the Province of Trento (Italy).