Activist Aditya Shukla: The young changemaker

Activist Aditya Shukla was one of three young changemakers invited to talk at Indo-US Young leaders Ceremony in Philadelphia. Aditya represented the Cross cultural leadership program, a global environmental and humanitarian youth program, and shared about his impactful work to help unprivileged children and community. Aditya was felicitated at the ceremony

Aditya began his Education Hands projects in 2020, and in January 2022, he was chosen to serve on the National Youth Leadership Council.

His work includes implementing educational reforms, tackling pressing topics like climate change, giving underprivileged children access to education, managing social media campaigns for significant issues, and organizing supply drives for women’s shelters.

Aditya talked during the ceremony about his path, how he began by working as a volunteer for organizations like Global Citizen and Rotary International before rising to become director of the Narayani organization. He urged attendees to join in and become involved in the effort to improve the world.