Award-winning Author Gabriela Charatsari publishes another fantastic book!

BERLIN—June 3, 2022—Award-winning and best-selling author Gabriela Charatsari releases her newest children’s book, “Maribel and the Magical Mission”. Charatsari tells an original, enchanting, and fantastical story about friendship and caring for animals and the environment.

Charatsari is a Berlin, Germany-based author. She is known for writing stories in a fairytale style that teaches values and life lessons.

“I gain inspiration for my books from real people and situations,” Charatsari said. “Great storytelling develops from writing about what you know.”

“Maribel and the Magical Mission” inspires young children to care for their world and make friends. Maribel is a little girl with a big heart and a creative mind. Young readers first meet Maribel on a beach near the sea when she notices garbage strewn everywhere. To her shock and sadness, she finds a sea turtle and dolphin in need of rescuing from litter and a net.

Over time, Maribel develops friendships with the sea turtle and dolphin. She plays with her new friends in the sea, and she dreams of becoming a mermaid. Then, one day, a real mermaid comes to visit. The mermaid gives her a magic ring as a reward for her kindness to sea creatures. The ring allows her to turn into a mermaid at will, and it grants her the ability to take on more challenging missions to save others. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to read the book.

Maribel teaches children the value of caring for marine ecosystems and sea creatures in an original, delightful, and simple way. The book is excellent for children six years old and up.

Charatsari has written over 12 children’s books written in German and English. Her bestselling book “Miss Squeaky Boots” was released this year. “Maribel and the Magical Mission” is her second 2022 book release. Additionally, she is the Literary Titan Gold Award recipient for her book “Buzz the Brave.”

All her books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major book outlets.