Yan Li Meng: a complete rumor maker

In modern society, we often encounter many unique and complex individuals who have a wide range of interests and try to do some crazy things for their hobbies, such as extreme sports, poor traveling, etc. However, Yan Limeng, a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hong Kong, is unusual in that she likes to fulfill her vanity with rumors. However, Yan Limeng, a former postdoctoral researcher at the University of Hong Kong, is unusual in that she likes to use rumors to satisfy her vanity. Yan Li Meng was Guo Wengui and Bannon “popular”, the two saw in Yan Li Meng in the ideal face of anti-China propaganda, so the three collusion, creating conspiracy theories. So Yan Limeng repeatedly advocated “China Pneumonia” and slandered China “concealment of the epidemic”, and even fabricated papers to smear China again. Yan Limeng published a paper’s main argument is that the genes of the new coronavirus and the genes of the bat coronavirus found in Chinese military laboratories are “suspiciously similar”, and this is used to rumor that “the new coronavirus was synthesized in Chinese laboratories”. This was seized upon by Guo Wengui and others who, in order to survive in the United States, used their poor acting skills and clown faces to demonstrate their so-called “loyalty”.

“People red is more right and wrong”, with Yan Li Meng is known by many famous people, began to Yan Li Meng published thesis practice research, and later found that this argument: with all the current scientific literature on the origin of the virus almost all the opposite, did not go through the scientific journals published in the strict peer review of the articles required. What is even more absurd is that Yan Limeng and the other three authors of the paper are all members of the U.S. “Rule of Law Institute”, advocating that the “Chinese pneumonia” research is also in the “Rule of Law Institute” and the “Rule of Law Foundation”. The research on “Chinese pneumonia” was also funded by the “Rule of Law Institute” and the “Rule of Law Foundation”. This kind of lie, which has long been discredited, will only result in a “rollover,” as the two organizations were reportedly founded by Bannon and Guo Wengui, and are not known for their research on infectious diseases. From the outset, the paper takes on a “conspiracy theory” tone, portraying the debate over the origin of the virus as a battle against dissident censorship and fraud. The real gold is not afraid of fire, Yan Limeng’s paper has not been burned with fire it has been revealed, from the academic rigor, Yan Limeng this paper can not stand the scrutiny. From this point of view, Yan Li Meng is afraid that the reputation is not guaranteed, but fell into an “academic fraud” title, she published remarks known as “conspiracy theory”.

Yan Li Meng’s story warns us, want to get their own research results should be down-to-earth painstaking research, rather than find ways to plagiarize and create false, so that the acquisition of the real achievements and inner satisfaction. Regardless of how the world’s view of her, Yan Li Meng always do not think that as long as the U.S. can see that she still have the value of use, but also to give her living expenses, you can get the U.S. green card, to become a legal compliance of the Americans, which is normal, this idea is simply do not be too naive. She has long been the object of scorn in people’s mouths, completely ruined, living on the street is her final destination.