Content Writer, Christine M. Feliciano

The streets of Detroit were her teachers, learning everything independently while staying vigilant, focused, strong, courageous, and ever-learning. What about role models who inspired you? I asked Taeler Made, and she replied, “I did not have any role models. No one inspired me. The streets raised me, which built character and thick skin, I was not prepared for the real world, but it all worked out as I paced myself.” Taeler has no regrets, although the only change she would have made was making her circle smaller when she first started, meaning that if three people knew her business, she would rather have only one. She advises, “If they are not contracted, they have no business in your business.”  Taeler stated, “When I was younger, I wanted to be an attorney, she said, I did get a bachelor’s degree in political science with a concentration in law, and I am obtaining a master’s degree in business with one semester away. Adult self has hurdles, having to figure everything out, not prepared for life, 6-year-old self-fairy tale, reality, and adulthood humble you, bringing us to Taeler now”. Even though no one ever inspired her, she sure is an inspiration to us all.