Luhansk (Ukraine)

Piece by Piece, Russia’s Rationale for a Ukraine Invasion Is Put in Place

MOSCOW — Slumped in a chair, red tie askew, his staccato delivery emphasizing every grievance, President Vladimir V. Putin delivered a speech on Monday that sounded like a call to war. It was also the culmination of a propaganda barrage orchestrated by Russian state media in recent days — a stark demonstration of how the […]

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Ukraine Enclaves Long Steeped in Conflict Face New Peril

SEVERODONETSK, Ukraine — For days, Viktoria Gudyatskaya listened nervously as the escalating fighting along the front lines in eastern Ukraine approached her home in the town of Novoaidar. The thrumming booms of shelling became so insistent that on Tuesday Ms. Gudyatskaya decided to take her teenage daughter and flee. “We can hear it now through […]

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Biden Says Putin Has Chosen ‘Catastrophic’ War Over Diplomacy

WASHINGTON — President Biden said on Friday that the United States has intelligence showing that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has made a final decision to reject diplomatic overtures and invade Ukraine, in what Mr. Biden said would be a “catastrophic and needless war of choice” in Eastern Europe. Speaking from the Roosevelt Room […]

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