Waste Materials and Disposal

Beaches Closed After 8.5 Million Gallons of Sewage Spill in Los Angeles County

About eight and a half million gallons of untreated sewage have spilled into a flood-control waterway in Los Angeles County since Thursday afternoon, prompting at least five beaches to close, an official with the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts said. “It is a lot,” said Bryan Langpap, a spokesman for the agency. “That’s the biggest […]

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Does It Matter if I Eat the Stickers on Fruits and Vegetables?

I keep finding myself biting into an apple or a peach, only to find I’ve eaten half the sticker the store put on there. Is there any harm in eating produce stickers? While the stickers that get placed on fruits and vegetables won’t cause you any harm, it’s probably best to remove them before eating. […]

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A New Source of Fuel in an Aging Japan: Adult Incontinence

HOUKI, Japan — The restorative waters that flow into the public baths in this town near the coast of western Japan originate from hot springs more than two-thirds of a mile below ground. At the surface, before the water bubbles out of the spouts, it is further heated to 107 degrees Fahrenheit — an ideal […]

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