Whitney Museum of American Art

A Whitney Biennial of Shadow and Light

After a year’s Covid delay, the latest Whitney Biennial has pulled into town, and it’s a welcome sight. Other recent editions — this is the 80th such roundup — have tended to be buzzy, jumpy, youthquake affairs. This one, even with many young artists among its 60-plus participants, most represented by brand-new, lockdown-made work, doesn’t […]

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In the Lower Ninth Ward, an Artist Renews His Purpose

NEW ORLEANS — The cookout in the new garden, guests agreed, upheld the cultural and convivial traditions of the Lower Ninth Ward. Herlin Riley, a celebrated jazz drummer from the neighborhood, was grooving with his quintet beneath the canopy. Old-timers, friends since high school, held forth at a long table near the stage. The photographers […]

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Jennifer Packer: Painting as an Exercise in Tenderness

Portraiture is everywhere at the moment, in painting and photography alike, and some of the best of it has a specific aim: to make those who have been rendered invisible — on museum walls, in public culture, in political discourse — visible. This drive to honor and dignify people through representation comes at an ethical […]

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