The Bachelor (TV Program)

The Bachelor Comes to Bushwick

Jessica Callaghan, 30, was scrolling through Instagram when an advertisement offered her a boyfriend. “There is no substitute for true love!” it read. “Find it today with Elan! ‘The Bushwick Bachelor!’” Ms. Callaghan, who works in public relations, had spent nearly a decade swiping around for dates and relationships on Tinder and Hinge, but she […]

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How Married ‘Bachelor’ Couples Make It Work. Yes, Some Are Still Together.

In the latest season of “The Bachelor,” Clayton Echard, the show’s 26th lead, said after a late-night rendezvous with a hopeful suitress, “If I ever need validation to know that this process works, I’m seeing it unfold before me.” But according to the numbers, perhaps unsurprisingly, that “process” — a weeks-long mass courtship in front […]

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